Birthday with a difference!

United Way Kolkata celebrated the birthdays of Nur Hossain, Raj Sk, Rishika Manna, Sumaiya Khatun, Samiun Islam – children of February with their friends and family, the difference being that these little ones were confined to the hospital bed of their Cancer Ward.

Still sprightly and mostly unaware of their condition, they enthusiastically cut the cake and opened their gifts like all kids do.

UWK spend Saturday morning celebrating their spirit with the cooperation of the staff and doctors of the Cancer centre.

UWK was supported in its noble cause by individual volunteers who also contributed their time and spread the cheer.

If you wish to join us, support us or celebrate your birthday a bit differently, do connect with Dipanwita Das @ 8927981881 or through our website / facebook.

Awareness, screening, medical support and prevention.

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