Employability & Productivity

  • Engage out-of-school children or drop-outs to experience the joy of learning through digitized courses.
  • Vocational Training & Mentoring- Help underprivileged youth to reach their potential through relevant skills training outside the mainstream in such areas as retail, beautician courses, housekeeping etc

Bruised! broken! and battered ..

Unwanted from birth… forced into child marriage...victim of domestic violence, pushed into prostitution..

That’s where we find these girls from, with nothing but still the will to live. With a little support, a little encouragement and lot of love, enable them to stand on their own feet and find their identity.

Some 200 of such girls have been rescued in Sunderban area and given shelter. But we need to provide them educational and livelihood training. We intend to provide them with assisted coaching given by Qualified lady teachers and then put them through Vocational Training in Tailoring / Beautician course/ Chowmein making/ Sanitary napkin making.

We seek your support –

Cost of training group of 40 girls each in 5 fields :-

B Vocational training
1 Equipment –tailoring (sewing machines and accessories) 100000
2 Equipment –beautician 50000
3 Equipment –computer (10 sets) 250000
4 Equipment – Chowmein making Machine (2 sets) 150000
5 Equipment – Sanitary Napkin (2 sets) 250000
6 Training materials for 5 trades 200000
7 Honorarium for 5 trainers @Rs.30000 per month x 12 360000
  Sub total 1360000
C Administration supervision
1 Supervisor, auditor etc 20000
2 Liasioning and placement facilities 25000
  Sub total 45000
Total project cost 1405000