Manab Halder

Name of the farmer: Manab Halder
Father’s Name : Anukul Halder
Village & post : Paschim Jata
Police Station: Raidighi
District: South 24 PGS
Total farming land: 1.5 Bigha (0.49 acre)

Manab Halder has been cultivating various vegetables, like his forefathers. But with generational use of chemical fertilizers, the quality of the soil deteriorated and gradually his land started to become barren. He gave up farming and moved to another state as a migrant worker. However, he returned to his village due to covid and chanced upon a training programme by United Way Kolkata in 2021 on how to restore the fertility of the land and started preparing organic manure at home using organic waste. He has converted all his land organic, producing high quality vegetables which is extremely cost effective. It did not only increase his income but also made sure he lives with his family, at his ancestral home. He now voluntarily advocates for organic farming and helps his peers to go organic.