Prasenjit Gharami

Name of the farmer: Prasenjit Gharami
Village & Post: Uttar Kankandighi
Police Station: Raidighi
District: South 24 PGS
Total farming land: 2.5 Bigha (0.83 acre)

For Prasenjit Gharami, opting for organic farming came from a personal experience. For generations, they have been farmers and have been using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, oblivious to the fact that how harmful these can be, even though the produce was decreasing by the day. It was just a regular day in the farm and while spraying pesticides, some of it accidentally fell on his eyes, making him temporarily blind. After much treatment in hospitals in Kolkata and spending a lot of money, Prasenjit decided to opt for organic farming that some of his peers were already doing. He registered for training that United Way Kolkata provides, turned 2.5 bighas into organic farming land and plans to expand in the coming years.