Our organization has been working towards protecting the land from cyclones and floods by planting mangroves in the Sunderbans.

Mangroves play a crucial role in protecting the inhabitants and the environment from natural calamities like cyclones and floods. The roots of the mangroves help in stabilizing the soil and prevent erosion, thereby protecting the coastline. It also acts as a habitat for various marine animals and birds. Our project aims to plant mangroves in areas prone to natural disasters and create awareness among the villagers about the importance of mangroves.

Our project targets the rural Self Help Group (SHG) members, 50 women who call themselves "Mangrove Mothers"Through this project, we have not only contributed to the protection of the environment but have also empowered the SHG women, who have taken up the responsibility of taking care of the saplings. We hope to continue working towards similar causes and create a better world for everyone.
and monitor the saplings' growth. These women have taken up the responsibility of planting and nurturing the saplings. Their efforts have been instrumental in ensuring the success of the project.

We are proud to announce that our project has already planted 60,000 saplings in one site and 32,000 saplings in another site, and they are growing well. The project's success is not just limited to planting saplings, but it has also created awareness among the villagers about the importance of mangroves in protecting the environment.

Recently, our project sites were visited by representatives from UWK and PWC, who interacted with the 50 SHG women who are taking care of the mangrove plantations. These interactions helped the representatives understand the efforts put in by the SHG members and appreciate their hard work. We also conducted mangrove awareness sessions with the villagers to educate them about the significance of mangroves in the environment.