With the current mayhem in the Education sector due to nationwide COVID-19 induced lockdown and devastating brunt of the Cyclone Amphan in the state of West Bengal, urgent support is required for their effectivity when the state is heading towards reopening of the educational institutions following the necessary mandates of safety. Keeping this in mind, United Way Kolkata (UWK) would like to propose the Education support program for the underprivileged with the aim of improving lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities to advance the common good. This intervention is aimed at providing partial financial assistance to those students who are unable to the money required for seeking admission in colleges for higher education coming from poor or under privileged socioeconomic conditions. Most of these students are first generation learners which make them need additional support per month for private coaching or guidebooks and other stationary supplies. For such necessities, we will be providing them monthly allowance as well.

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For more enquiries, please write to us at: info@uwkolkata.org