Unemployment in the workforce aged 15-59 has increased by 3 percentage points. In absolute terms, 6.5 lakh in the urban areas are currently seeking work. The rate of unemployment appears much more shocking when we consider the educated workforce in the state. In urban areas, 10 per cent of the educated working-age population who completed higher secondary education is unemployed. These highlights need for a more skill-based training of the youth population than just mere increase in literacy rate which is more serious post pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent series of sporadic lockdowns have exposed the need for a more comprehensive and digital future requiring a focused set of skill sets. Organizations/ companies have become more cautious in investing aggressively in best people, upscaling best people and hiring the next generation. In Eastern Indian states like West Bengal, we face the challenge of effectively employing a vast population of youth from underprivileged background, and typically first-generation learners who are not academically bright, but can be put into vocational training that enables them to make their own livelihood. Therefore, United Way Kolkata will be focused in addressing this issue of livelihood generation and ensuring the training yielding return to the beneficiaries.

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