Serve Man, Serve God – Epitomised by the Trehans - Mrs Reeta and Mr S Trehan are supporting the treatment of 2 differently abled children who inspite of their challenges want to live independently and with dignity.

For IT IS ONLY IN GIVING THAT WE GET – Mrs Mitali Chatterjee ( former Director General, STQC Directorate, Ministry of Electronics and IT , Government of India and presently – Senior Advisor, Government Risk Advisory, E&Y LLP) chose to celebrate her birthday embracing her fellow women who are struggling to find their own identity but inspire all of us to be happy and grateful for what they get and have. She cut her birthday cake with destitute women affected by mental illness.

UWK continues its work in facilitating Health & Hygiene with its WASH projects in schools. Over the last decade UWK has put up 20 clean toilet units in 20 schools along with Drinking Water and Handwash Facility with Change rooms for girls. (pics being given). United Way Kolkata believes that the best time to develop good habits is during childhood and train these children to carry these learning back to their homes and communities.

Gift a girl her livelihood @ 6000/-

We seek your support –
Cost of training group of 40 girls each in 5 fields :-

B Vocational training
1 Equipment – tailoring (sewing machines and accessories) 100000
2 Equipment – beautician 50000
3 Equipment – computer (10 sets) 250000
4 Equipment – Chowmein making Machine (2 sets) 150000
5 Equipment – Sanitary Napkin (2 sets) 250000
6 Training materials for 5 trades 200000
7 Honorarium for 5 trainers @Rs.30000 per month x 12 360000
Sub total 1360000
C Administration supervision
1 Supervisor, auditor etc 20000
2 Liasioning and placement facilities 25000
Sub total 45000
Total project cost 1405000


LET US STAND #UnitedForOdisha

Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm ‘Fani’ ravaged the states of Odisha, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh on the 3rd -4th of May. Cyclone Fani is the worst India has seen in the last two decades, second only to the Odisha super-cyclone of 1999. 36+ districts have been affected across the three states, with 21 districts being impacted only in Odisha. With the rising death toll currently recorded at 35, there were as high as 13.7 million people in the path of the cyclone and have been affected in varying degrees.

More than 1.4 million people have been evacuated from vulnerable districts and are being housed in close to 9000 shelters in schools and government buildings. 5,000+ kitchens are operating to serve people in these shelters. The damage caused to the physical property is very severe with 1000+ public health facilities, and 5700+ school buildings being damaged. About 5600 km of roads have also been affected.

United Way is in close contact with its on-ground partners and Sphere India for getting timely updates and insights on the needs on- ground. As the impact of the disaster unfolds, some of the immediate indicators of humanitarian support outline the following:

  • Shelter support through temporary and transitional shelters
  • WASH support for access to safe water and sanitation
  • Health support through health camps in the affected communities
  • Non Food items like mosquito nets, utensils, solar lanterns, bed heets and clothes, etc.

Sources: MHA Situation Report, OSDMA, Government of India Census Data, IMD Cyclone Path, NDTV


United Way India network is committed to helping communities in every way and supporting the worst affected populations. While we would assist all of the affected populations, our specific focus would be on vulnerable groups like children, elderly, disabled and marginalized communities.

In this hour of solidarity, we ask you to join forces to be #UnitedForOdisha. Donate generously to the United Way Disaster Response Fund – Cyclone Fani by clicking <.>

All donations in India are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act

United Way Kolkata believes in “walking the talk” in our support of Women’s Empowerment. And what better way to do it than to celebrate Women’s Day with those “special and beautiful” women who have been bruised, battered, broken, forsaken, abused and abandoned by people they called their own. They not only lost their family, their place, but also their “mind”. But with some support and help, they are fighting back again to find themselves. UWK salutes their spirit and celebrated this day over a lunch treat on Women’s Day.

We thank our volunteers who joined us on that day to be a part of this occasion. But the journey doesn’t end here. Please reach out and partner us to restore their dignity as a human being and make them self dependent. Support their rehabilitation with your contribution and support.

UWK partnered with Iswar Sankalpa for this noble cause.

Birthday with a difference!

United Way Kolkata celebrated the birthdays of Nur Hossain, Raj Sk, Rishika Manna, Sumaiya Khatun, Samiun Islam – children of February with their friends and family, the difference being that these little ones were confined to the hospital bed of their Cancer Ward.

Still sprightly and mostly unaware of their condition, they enthusiastically cut the cake and opened their gifts like all kids do.

UWK spend Saturday morning celebrating their spirit with the cooperation of the staff and doctors of the Cancer centre.

UWK was supported in its noble cause by individual volunteers who also contributed their time and spread the cheer.

If you wish to join us, support us or celebrate your birthday a bit differently, do connect with Dipanwita Das @ 8927981881 or through our website / facebook.


  • There are more than 100 types of cancers; almost any part of the body can be affected.
  • The five most frequent cancers (ranking defined by total number of cases) in India in men and women are breast, cervical, oral cavity, lung and colorectal.
  • Cancer is the second most common cause of death in India (after cardiovascular disease).
  • Use of tobacco products (e.g. smoking cigarettes) are the single most preventable cause of death worldwide.
  • More women in India die from cervical cancer than in any other country.

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KP Sengupta
Co Chairman, DCG Data Core Systems (India) Pvt Ltd

He presently holds the position of Co Chairman, DCG Data Core Systems (India) Pvt Ltd., a part of DCPL Group of Companies and subsidiary Data Core Systems, Inc US. He is also an active member of the Governing Bodies of Saroj Gupta Cancer Research & Hospital, Thakurpukur and Aurobindo Seba Kendra Hospital. He is also the Partner, Sengupta & Roy, a firm of Chartered Accountants...
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